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William Shatner Is A Man-Whore

William Shatner is a man-whore

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Story rec: Leave No Soul Behind, STXI AU K/S
lesbian flannel ks
If you like TOS and you like long stories and you like Sci Fi, I think you'll like this. It's an AU of the new movie: Nero has gone back in time and changed history, but Kirk and Spock were NOT in command of the Enterprise after the battle of Vulcan trying to figure out how to defeat him. Nero didn't get Earth, but he is making war on the Federation still.

I like it in part because it does what a story can do and a movie can't, which is to take time to develop characters and the story, so the deus ex machina elements of the STXI movie have been chucked. (Kirk running into Old Spock at just the right moment, etc.)

But never mind that. I actually like this story because the characters are so human, yet so inspiring. None of that "Kirk as a bro'" bullshit that makes me want to gag. Neither does Spock let it all hang out. He's much more the super serious Spock of TOS. The situations (from an interpersonal point of view) are realistic and speak to me. This is miles away from the teenybopper fic that the new movie inspired so many mountains of. I told the author that the story reminded me of Bujold and I meant it.


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