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William Shatner Is A Man-Whore

William Shatner is a man-whore

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a k/s rec for the stix universe
K/S love pornographic
This is probably the first time I've ever recced a work in progress, but here goes: "Fighting Gravity" by pantswarrior? Is really amazing. It manages to be in character without being annoying. (Easy to do with nuTrek characters, because they are pretty annoying.) Instead the author manages to bring out the characters' good points in a subtle way. I love the use of Chris Pike. I'm now convinced that he's a much more compelling character in the STIX universe than in the original.

Anyway, this is the first story I've found in the STIX universe that would really appeal to a TOS K/S fan that doesn't focus on Spock Prime or Kirk Prime. It's a slight AU: it follows the movie until the very end, but when Spock Prime encourages Spock to stay in Starfleet, Spock rejects this advice because he wants to be in charge of his own life and resigns his commission. The story begins five years later, when the Enterprise has returned from its first mission under Captain Kirk.

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