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William Shatner Is A Man-Whore

William Shatner is a man-whore

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Best weird Trek pairing evars!
lesbian flannel ks
I've been awfully neglectful not sharing my favorite aspect to STIX fandom: The Sarek/Winona Kirk pairing. Here are two awesome stories and feel free to share in comments any awesome NuTrek Sarek stories I might have missed. Oh yeah, bad news, I had to lock down comments to friends only because some post I made last year got really out of control and I don't have time for this crap. Make cheeky comments about the RCC: get invaded by funny-farm fest of nutty trolls. Start a Spock/Sarek fanpage (yes, incestuous slash fiction): crickets. No respect, I'm telling you.

Common Bond by florahart. Slow building Winona Kirk/Sarek romance, takes place in San Francisco, background K/S, duh, like that episode of Simpsons, hehe. I wish I could leave positive feedback but I don't have OpenID and don't care. Oh well. Hm, she probably had to block anon commenters for some similarly stupid reason.

Affliction's Sons by Stella Andrea. Similar to above but takes place in and around New Vulcan and I think it's more sudden. Foreground K/S, with your standard array of misunderstandings. Had some unintentionally funny moments. Also had intentionally funny moments. Because what the hell, the idea of Kirk picking up Sarek as father in law because of his mother is hilarious.

Maybe I ought to post these to my website. Yeah, I'll get on that. Tout de suite. What with it being tax time and everything.

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